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EMC Research is a full-service research firm, specializing in polling, data analytics, audience targeting, focus groups, and public opinion research consulting with offices in Columbus, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, and Washington, DC. We see research as a service, not just a product. We know it’s not just about the numbers; it’s what the numbers mean and how they can help our clients achieve their goals. Our clients include political campaigns, government agencies, corporations, nonprofits, transportation agencies, health care organizations, and others.

We are currently seeking a Data Scientist in our Columbus office. The Data Scientist will work with large data sets, cleaning, transforming, and aggregating data, build and maintain predictive models, and create static and dynamic data visualizations of survey data. The position requires a strong statistics and computing background and a desire to experiment with new technologies and data collection approaches. The position will be filled by a person who is organized, capable of juggling complex projects with tight deadlines, and has at least two years of experience working with data and statistics. An interest in politics and campaigning is a plus.

EMC Research is seeking Research Analysts for its Columbus and Oakland offices. The Analyst will learn EMC’s data management processes and use statistical programs like SPSS and R to analyze survey and market research data. Additional tasks may include assisting with questionnaire design, sample design, proposal writing and presentation design for quantitative and qualitative research projects.