Democratic National Committee Data Science Lead Job description here

The Data Science Lead works with the Data Director and is concerned both with the near-term operational efficiency of the DNC, state parties, and various candidates, and with the long-range development of game-changing products. The overriding goal is to provide lift in the field for state parties and candidates.

Internally, you will lead a team focused on developing analytics products. Major (but not exhaustive) areas of work include building predictive models to inform resource allocation, designing and analyzing experiments for the DNC and other groups, and online panel and phone survey methodology. Externally, you will work with state parties and candidates to help them leverage those analytics products and promote their adoption.

You will work with other teams around the DNC as well as around the country. We strongly believe that sometimes the best work is the work we can avoid needing to do – as they say, working smarter, not harder.