The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is seeking a hardworking, energetic individual to be our Data Director for the 2018 cycle and beyond. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin works with candidates up and down the ticket from city council to statewide races to help them win races and advance the agenda of the Democratic Party. This cycle is very important to Wisconsin as we have a targeted US Senate race, competitive Gubernatorial race and chances to take the majority in the State Senate and make advances in the State Assembly. Job description here

Job Responsibilities:

Manage and grow Wisconsin’s Voterfile

Support the Democratic Party and Coordinated Campaign Organizing Team by creating targeted voter contact universes, creating reports, and troubleshooting issues in the Voterfile.

Work with candidate services team to provide data support to local races, non-targeted legislative races and congressional races.

Soliciting and procuring information to upload to the DPW Voterfile

Work with campaign pollsters and data teams on Modeling and polling

Additional Responsibilities:

Provide VAN trainings to organizers and county parties

Process VAN sales and set up committees for local, legislative, congressional and statewide races.

Provide support for partners, including updating voter scores, crafting unique universes and creating targets.

Applicants should have:

2+ Cycles of experience with VAN (VAN administration experience preferred)

2+ years experience creating targeted universes for campaigns

Must have strong knowledge of database technology and theory, with advanced training in computers

Ability to synthesize and explain complex data reports in ley terms.

Advanced knowledge of Excel

Ability to work with a team on a common goal

Ability to manage multiple bosses

Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time

Capacity and willingness to work long hours


Knowing SQL, Python or other coding language

Preferred degree with Computer or Statistical analysis background

Strong data visualization skills

Please apply to with a Cover Letter, Resume and and 3 references with your application.