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SPLC’s Children’s Rights Practice Group is dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable children in the Deep South have access to the resources they need—particularly education and health services—to grow and thrive, and that they are neither excluded from nor denied such resources due to their background or characteristics. Vulnerable children in SPLC’s states are pushed into the school to prison pipeline at disproportionate rates, attend school in under-resourced education systems, and often have little or no access to vital health services.

The Data Analyst (Southeast Region) is responsible for developing systems to acquire, analyze, and gain actionable insight from data that promotes the Children’s Rights Practice Group’s mission; preparing and implementing quantitative and qualitative models for analysis; collaborating with attorney and policy subject matter experts through the process of developing and using these systems and models; using data to lift up and tell stories to support litigation and policy transformation; and working closely with a variety of internal and external partners and stakeholders to these ends. Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Senior Big Data Analyst and the Deputy Legal Director, the Data Analyst (Southeast Region) will:

  • Lead the design and implementation of the Children’s Rights Practice Group’s development and monitoring of policy indicators and outcomes measures;
  • In collaboration with the SPLC Big Data group, provide oversight and engineering of data collection systems and analysis, synthesis of data and study outcome reports, and quality assurance and auditing of data;
  • Find, import, transform, validate, and/or model data with the purpose of understanding or drawing conclusions from the data, including predictive analytics;
  • Partner with Children’s Rights staff and other internal stakeholders to lead the design and implementation of the Children’s Rights Practice Group’s research and affirmative policy activities;
  • In collaboration with key SPLC staff, develop the necessary data and analysis to assist in the dissemination of information on successful and promising approaches, lessons learned, and other policy priorities to local and regional government bodies, partners, and other stakeholders;
  • Develop a variety of data visualizations to clearly articulate the “so-what” of the data analysis for the purpose of furthering policy goals;
  • In collaboration key Children’s Rights staff and internal partners, produce high-impact publications (reports, white papers, etc.) related to trends in children’s rights and evaluations of policy reforms;
  • Participate with the SPLC data team in the process of data governance, quality, and integrity, and manage the implementation of related policies;
  • Create and maintain detailed up-to-date system documentation;
  • Comply with all federal and state lobbying and ethical rules and requirements; and,
  • Other duties as may be assigned to meet SPLC needs.