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Job Description:

A TargetSmart Data Reporting Specialist works with polling data to produce polling reports which drive our clients’ campaigns and outreach efforts. The Data Reporting Specialist will report to the Director of Research and Analytics, and will work in our DC office with all members of this team to support the execution of polling and predictive modeling projects. The Data Reporting Specialist understands the details of polling, and drives all projects to completion to fulfil our clients’ needs. An eagerness to learn and innovate within the political data sphere is necessary for the success of this role.

Data Reporting Specialist Job Duties:

  • Taking raw polling data from vendors and utilize proprietary software systems to produce various reports.
  • Ensuring timely delivery of all polling reports.
  • Monitoring the status of polls from start to finish, while providing the first quality control check.
  • Self-auditing and peer auditing all client deliverables.
  • Working with research analysts to understand and fulfill all reporting requests.
  • Utilizing the voter file to pull polling samples.
  • Managing time to meet internal or client-driven timelines.
  • Learning new software and skills as needed.
  • Professionally communicating internally and externally with clients and stakeholders as appropriate.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Commitment to Democratic candidates and the progressive movement
  • Enthusiasm to learn new software and processes
  • Attention to detail
  • Technical aptitude
  • Bachelors degree in a social science or technical field
  • Demonstrated experience using data software (like Excel, SPSS, STATA, R, Python)
  • Ability to work in a high-pressure environment, and work some extended hours in the heat of campaign season
  • Ability to communicate effectively and be a team player
  • A basic understanding of political polling and/or government research methods
  • An eagerness to innovate, and an interest in the polling process