There is an exciting opportunity to work at Wisconsin Voices, which is a network of 55+ non-profit organizations from around the state coordinating civic and voter participation efforts. We are currently seeking a full time Data Administrator.

Data and technology integration into nonprofit work is a rapidly growing industry and individuals with high-level data and organizing skills are in HIGH demand. This position provides opportunities for professional development and networking that could lead to higher level community organizing, data administration, operational, software and tech development, and non-profit director level careers.

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Wisconsin Voices has a small staff, focused on helping the organizations who are a part of the partnership. Their work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Increasing voter registration/voting/issue advocacy from among women, people of color, and young people.
  • Modernizing and securing the way people vote and register to vote.
  • Improving representation by guaranteeing an accurate 2020 Census and redistricting process.
  • Supporting and expanding leadership ladders for people of color in the progressive sphere.
  • Integrating cutting edge technology and data practices into community organizing to increase impact on Voter Turn-out from under-represented communities.

Please see the job description for more details on how to apply.