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About the Role

The systems team is looking for a project manager with experience matching technology recommendations to process requirements, driving implementation and adoption, and supporting users in learning and using these systems. The systems team is responsible for building, maintaining, and implementing digital tools, and managing data and processes for those tools. This individual will report to the Systems Support Manager and will work with our IT and Operations teams to scope and plan projects, embed with Foundation teams as needed to facilitate implementation, and serve as a frontline point-of-contact for user support and feature/change requests.



The System Implementation Associate will be responsible for achieving the following outcomes within the first year:

  • All staff will have a known point-of-contact for training and advice on systems, and will use the Implementation Associate as a resource for considering systems when planning new activities.
  • Teams will adopt new technology tools, and will be supported through that process
  • Documentation is created and distributed to users for quick reference on their tasks
  • There will be an IT roadmap for future implementations and improvements, and the IT team will have additional capacity and skillsets to deliver new solutions for Foundation teams.
  • We will begin to build a library of technical documentation on systems and integrations
  • Periodic systems utilization meetings will be held with user groups to ensure systems are meeting their needs and are being utilized within understood parameters

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