The NDTC is excited to be hiring a Manager of Technology and Data (MTD). This position works closely with the full NDTC team to identify, collect, and analyze the technologies and metrics needed to make strategic, data-driven decisions that build, power, and win campaigns for Democrats.

Ideal candidates will be ready to troubleshoot, brainstorm, think outside the box to solve problems and provide meaningful insights to the NDTC team at large.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and manage NDTC’s database, website, analytics, and core backend services, including our Learning Management System.
  • Manage and coordinate our technology consultant team to ensure streamlined communication, and clear project management support
  • Create and implement experimentation and testing with goals to grow user base, increase learner engagement and develop more effective on-demand courses.
  • Execute A/B tests in an organized manner, present results to the team regularly, and provide a path forward while seeking input from key team members.
  • Systematize and templatize procedures to allow tests to be conducted easily and with minimal oversight.
  • Create reports and other systems to present updated data to the team in a clear and actionable way
  • Ensure full functionality of our database and create documentation to allow key queries as easy as possible.
  • Visualize data effectively, in multiple ways (charts, graphs, etc) and across multiple platforms (Drupal profile system, LMS, BSD, spreadsheets).
  • Provide cross-team support on data capture, analysis, and reporting.


Applicants must:

  • Be proficient in Drupal and Wordpress CMS backend
  • Advanced HTML and CSS skills
  • Understand SEO fundamentals
  • Has a solid command of SQL and is able to find the most efficient way to write a complex SELECT statement.
  • Have GSuite administration experience
  • Have experience with SQL databases
  • Be adept at listening to the needs of team members and translating them into actionable technical projects
  • Be a team player
  • Identify as a Democrat and be committed to helping elect Democratic candidates

This is not an entry-level position. Applicants should have three to four years of professional experience.

Ideal candidates will have a cycle or more of on the-ground political campaign or similar relevant political experience, but not required. See more and apply