PolicyMap is a national online mapping tool and platform that enables government, commercial, non-profit and academic institutions to access data about communities and markets across the US. It is used for research, market studies, business planning, site selection, grant applications and impact analysis. We offer access to the PolicyMap tool through subscriptions and enterprise access, license the underlying data in our platform and help organizations and companies bring interactive mapping to their own websites. Launched in 2008, PolicyMap now has hundreds of customers, including federal, state and local government agencies, major universities, non-profit organizations, and commercial firms spanning real estate, banking and health care. PolicyMap is a Benefit Corporation founded on the belief that data has the power to change communities and markets. The problem is that getting that information is not simple or efficient. Data and analytics need to be reliable, consistent, and relevant. They need to be readily accessible. And they need to be responsive to the issues public and civic organizations are trying to understand. Changes in technology and the expansion of online mapping applications are creating new opportunities for the public and civic sectors to increase their ability to use and share good data and analytics to inform decisions.

Position Summary

PolicyMap seeks a Data Development Lead to manage the Data Development Team within the Data and Content Development Department by crafting and implementing the Data Development strategy through the creation of new data and analytics, the maintenance of existing data and the support of new data partnerships for the expansion of PolicyMap’s reach and knowledge base. The Data Development Lead will be responsible for managing and maintaining all aspects of the data development strategy, including brand exposure, and will work in a coordinative role with the Content Marketing Team to ensure consistency of data production and messaging. He/she will report to the Vice President of Data and Content Development to implement overall data development direction. As a leader within the Data and Content Development department, the Data Development Lead will regularly brief the PolicyMap senior team on all new data development and strategy evaluation.

The Data Development Lead manages the Data Development Team by creating and overseeing the creation of new, unique data indicators derived from the combination of public and proprietary data using rigorous statistical methods. The Data Development Lead is also responsible for ensuring the maintenance of existing datasets on PolicyMap. Essential to the position is the capacity to contribute meaningfully to PolicyMap’s role as a thought leader in data and mapping by bringing fresh, relevant ideas to our blog, social media and Mapchats webinar series.

Reporting to the Vice President of Data and Content Development, the Data Development Lead manages and implements the data development pipeline using MS SQL Server Management Studio, MS Access and ArcGIS. He/she needs to have strong writing, project management, and team management skills.

The Data and Content Development department prizes attention to detail; enthusiasm for our products and our clients are core values. We work well independently, and we take ownership of our individual workloads, while leveraging the strengths of all our team members through collaboration. The 6-person Data and Content Development department is agile, creative, and uses the best tools and approaches at hand for each task. PolicyMap’s office in Midtown Village provides a casual-dress work environment that matches our creative, collaborative culture.

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