The Analyst Institute helps Democratic, progressive, civic engagement, and social justice organizations figure out what really works in their mobilization, electoral, issue-based, and advocacy campaigns by partnering on research that uses rigorous, scientific methods. A core part of our mission is to facilitate the sharing of evidence across those working in the progressive ecosystem: we work with labor unions, environmental groups, racial justice organizers, LGBTQIA rights advocates, candidates running for office, and many more. We believe that collaboration across organizations is needed to improve our tactics, methods, and techniques, and that for the progressive movement to be successful, we must continue to learn from one another and work together.

If you’re looking for a political or social justice career, consider the world of data and research. Analytics, modeling, statistics, confidence intervals, randomized controlled trials … it can sound confusing, but the goal is clear: help make high-level strategy decisions with the best evidence possible. It’s an exciting and growing frontier in politics and organizing, and the Analyst Institute is at the leading edge.

The Role

We’re looking for full-time Research Managers (RMs) to develop, design and run field experiments on a wide variety of subjects: get-out-the vote efforts, voter registration, persuasion, member recruitment, advocacy campaigns, fundraising, and more. RMs work directly with our partners across the progressive movement to think creatively about developing research that can inform their work, taking social science and “translating” it for folks working on the ground. RMs are also the principal investigators on our experiments, leading small project teams, which are responsible for implementing, analyzing, and reporting on our research.

As an RM, you will get exposure to people and organizations across the progressive movement, develop and implement a large number of highly rigorous experiments, hone your project management experience and work with amazing people. You will be a prominent player in the progressive world and we will invest in your skills and professional development. If you have a deep understanding of research design and project management and can talk fluently with field organizers and volunteers, this could be a great role for you.

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