Change Research is hiring a Data Engineer and a Survey Data Analyst.

Change Research is revolutionizing polling – making it fast, affordable, and accurate for forward-looking candidates and causes. We reduce polling costs by up to 90% by bringing everything online, recruit a representative on the fly with a new approach to targeted advertising, and automating most of the process of analyzing survey data. That means we can provide results in 1-4 days rather than 10-14, charge $3-5K rather than $20-40K, and deliver accurate insights about public opinion. We publicly shared insights on transgender soldiers twelve hours after Trump’s infamous tweet and were spot on in the Montana special election. And as we grow, we’ll have more deep data about the electorate than anyone (okay, anyone except Facebook).

See more about the Data Engineer role and apply here See more about the Survey Data Analyst role and apply here

In 2018, we’re scaling our approach, building a team and a product that can help hundreds of great candidates and causes. We’re working on some really interesting problems with data, social science, and politics. And by solving them, we hope to make our democracy better.

Come join us.

Change Research is a Public Benefit Corporation and political technology startup helping forward-thinking candidates and causes succeed with fast, affordable and accurate public opinion polling. We are working with the best and brightest minds in politics (like a political operative with 25 years experience) and technology (driven by the first data scientist at LinkedIn) to restore our Democracy. As a member of the Change Research team, you’ll be part of the history-making surge of activism focused on 2018 and beyond.