The Anti‐Defamation League (ADL) has openings for people to join the fight against all forms of bigotry. We are in the middle of a major transformation, and these people will be key to making sure ADL can rise to the occasion in countering the growing tide of hate in society. Positions can be in DC or NYC.

Measurement and Evaluation: We want to find someone with at least a masters degree in a quantitative field to help improve ADL’s programs. Strong preference for someone who has worked conducting evaluations in the field. Application and information on qualifications is available here. Potential projects for this person include:

  • Designing and executing a randomized-control trial with a school system in order to see if our anti-bias training (which currently reaches 1.5M youth a year) is effective at changing attitudes and reducing fights in school
  • Understanding the latest research on prejudice reduction, radicalization, hate incident response, and related fields in order to inform ADL’s advocacy, programs and policies
  • Ensuring that ADL is contributing to the understanding of these fields through, among other efforts, pilots, sharing data, and original research
  • Analyzing internal operations to ensure we are deploying our programs in the most effective manner. For example, compare existing metrics that track online and offline hate, identify gaps, and compare the geospatial presence of hate with where ADL currently delivers programs.
  • Designing an open data effort for the ADL to share data we currently collect (such as hate crime incidents) online in an accessible, open format

Strategy and Innovation: We are looking for a jack-of-all-trades with strong interpersonal and analytical skills. This could be someone with a management consulting background, or a strong UX person.

Application and information on qualifications is available here.

This person will work on a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Identify potential innovative partnerships, such as with suicide prevention groups to oppose cyberbullying or working with school insurers to see if they will provide discounts to schools that follow evidence-based practices to reduce prejudice and fighting.
  • Encourage innovation internal and/or external to ADL by designing innovation prizes or crowdsourcing new ideas for pilots.
  • Designing a strategic planning and budget process to ensure we have clear goals and targets for the organization that all employees know.
  • Conduct user research to understand what law enforcement needs to more effectively investigate hate incidents.
  • Explore whether ADL should start new initiatives, such as a project to reduce radicalization in prison, or helping companies that want to ensure that their advertisements do not appear on hate websites.