The Climate Advocacy Lab helps climate and clean energy advocates run smarter public engagement campaigns. Launched in 2015, the Lab has quickly grown to be a network of 2,000+ advocates, social scientists, data experts and funders developing and sharing evidence-based best practices for what works–and what doesn’t–for engaging and mobilizing Americans on climate and clean energy. In addition to running workshops and trainings for the community, the Lab also facilitates and gives grants to support field research aimed at testing how best to engage people on these issues.

Position Description

The Social Science & Content Coordinator will develop and maintain the Lab’s body of training and reference resources, drawing on social science and gray literature, field research, and polling. This role will also involve working with members of the academic and advocacy communities on field research projects to expand our evidence base. This position will work closely with an existing social scientist on the Lab team, and others with backgrounds in climate advocacy. Applicants should have both a grounding in the relevant research, as well as an abiding passion for employing that expertise to help climate advocates translate knowledge into wins on this urgent issue. The position is available as either a one-year fellowship or as permanent staff, upon arrangement at the time of hiring.

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