The Senior Data Manager is a specialized research position whose core responsibility is to design and conduct quantitative analysis on criminal justice and safety data sets to support the work of our programs. The Senior Data Manager will be a member of the Research team and collaborate with the team to support the organization’s mission and strategies.

The Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ) is a new national organization working with state-based partners to replace wasteful prison spending with new safety solutions rooted in prevention and community health. ASJ brings capacity and expertise in alliance building, issue education, community organizing, and policy advocacy to its state-based campaigns to advance policy reforms that will significantly reduce incarceration rates and racial disparities in the criminal justice system. ASJ is committed to both reforming state justice systems and empowering the communities most harmed by violence and over-incarceration. Central to our work is the recognition that survivors deserve a justice system that prioritizes healing, prevention and recovery, and too often these needs are unmet.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Clean and analyze large and complex data sets and convey findings to different audiences, both internal and external, including non-expert audiences.
  • Example: Design and establish methods and protocols for analyzing large and complex public safety and public health data sets, e.g. 98+ million rows of data on individual criminal histories, provided in 210 text files.
  • Engage in strategic partnerships with experts, advocates, organizations, academics, and government data and statistics units.
  • Navigate governmental processes for obtaining data, including drafting and submitting Public Information Act requests, obtaining IRB approvals, and establishing or renewing data security protocols that comply with regulations, e.g. HIPAA.
  • Create compelling data visualizations that enhance the impact of research.
  • Strategically identify and pursue data collection and analysis projects to advance the mission of the organization.

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