• Change Research, a Public Benefit Company
  • Lead Political Product Manager
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Full time, non exempt, equity + benefits

Change Research is building technology that makes public opinion polling fast, affordable, and accurate for forward-thinking candidates. We are looking for a product lead who will guide our product experience. In this role, you will help Change Research craft a great product for:

  • candidates and organizations interested in working with Change Research
  • existing customers who want to dig into the results and use polling insights to win
  • voters who take one of our online polls

You will be our first product manager, and there will be a lot on your plate! You’ll be outward-facing and speak to many candidates, campaign managers, and leaders of advocacy organizations about polling and Change Research. You’ll work with our internal team – engineers, survey analysts, marketers – to make sure everything fits together into a great product experience. You’ll question how things are done today and find a better way. You’ll write, you’ll dig into APIs, you’ll run SQL queries to understand our data, and you’ll no doubt sketch up a design or two. You’ll comfortably go back and forth between working with know-everything engineers and know-everything politicians (even though they both know everything, they know different things!). Through it all, you’ll listen, think, communicate and execute in a way that considers the company’s and customer’s process holistically. You are obsessed with quality, problem solving and creativity. We are looking for candidates with product management experience, technical sophistication, and a strong interest in politics.

How to apply:

Please send your resume or LinkedIn profile and a note about why you’re interested in this role to jobs@changeresearch.com. Include ‘Political Product Lead’ in the subject line.

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, including women, people of color, gays and lesbians, transgender people, veterans and people with disabilities.

About Change Research:

Change Research was founded after the 2016 elections to help ensure that forward thinking candidates and causes have access to the best technology at the lowest price to win elections. With our patent-pending Bias-correct online survey technology, we deliver fast, accurate and affordable public opinion polling at a 80 to 90% discount on traditional polls.

On Election Day 2017, Change Research: forecasted the NJ Governor’s race within three points, was the second most accurate public poll in the VA Governor’s race, and was the most accurate public poll in the VA Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor’s race. Change Research has earned accolades from FiveThirtyEight, Politico and MSNBC, among others.
Our fast-growing team of dedicated communicators, analysts, data scientists, engineers and political and social impact veterans are focused on having a significant impact on the 2018 elections and with vital causes, like Save After School California and NARAL Pro-Choice California. We are committed to excellence, transparency and a get-it-done attitude.

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