The Movement Cooperative was launched in December 2017 to provide progressive organizations access to the best possible data, technology, and technical expertise available. While movement organizing and advocacy are more urgent than ever, many organizations and activists cannot easily access the data and technology that would help scale their work. Additionally, organizations often face the issue of dealing with siloed datasets from their various programs and tools, making it difficult to truly gauge and optimize impact. TMC was founded with the aim of addressing these structural challenges.

Our members receive full access to our data warehouse and analytics platform, unlimited access to national voter/consumer files, and the technical support to get them properly set up and supported in an ongoing way, including the establishment of syncs and data pipelines from a continually-expanding suite of organizing and digital tools.

Description of positions

We are hiring a Technical Strategy team to help us maintain this infrastructure and provide strategic and technical services to our member organizations. The specific workflows managed by this team will include, but will not necessarily be limited to: maintaining a clean, well-organized central data warehouse; building reports incorporating data from multiple sources; working with data vendors to process voter file updates and early vote data; working with technology vendors to build and maintain data syncs; helping member organizations utilize the central data warehouse to manipulate, analyze, and understand their data; helping member organizations move voter file data to external tools; providing training and guidance on the strategic use of voter file and associated data.

These are a full-time, permanent positions. Those who fill this position will report to the Director of Data & Technology Strategy.

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