The mission of the new Mobilization Department at the Democratic National Committee is to bring ordinary people into the heart of the DNC and provide Americans with encouragement, power, and tools to mobilize in their communities.

We organize in all 3,413 counties across the country, through the state parties and from the grassroots, and we seek to impact down-ballot races and build the Democratic resistance to the corrupt, dangerous Trump-Republican agenda.

We are a team of passionate, cross-discipline experts committed to spreading the truth, getting people more deeply involved, and mobilizing grassroots donors to support the party through creative, relentlessly optimized experiences online and offline. Come join us.

Senior Mobilization Analyst

The Democratic National Committee is looking to hire a Senior Mobilization Analyst to help run one of the largest and most active grassroots mobilization programs in politics. You will be responsible for optimizing and improving the way the Democratic Party reaches out to supporters through our grassroots channels – including digital advertising, social media, SMS, direct mail, and telemarketing.

To succeed, you’ll need to help relentlessly optimize the work the DNC is doing, help report out on our team’s work, and identify new opportunities to mobilize supporters. Be ready to work extraordinarily hard; this isn’t a 9-5 sort of job.

What you’ll do:

  • Ensure that our approach to grassroots fundraising is data-driven.
  • Working with our email and direct marketing teams, engineer datasets and audiences to improve and optimize how we’re reaching out to supporters across channels.
  • Identify opportunities to use different fundraising channels to reach out to supporters based on their activity.
  • Build reports for fundraising and mobilization programs.
  • Execute real-time experiments and optimizations to improve our fundraising content.
  • Work with DNC vendors to support and direct our offline and online fundraising and acquisition strategies.
  • Ensure accurate targeting of all mobilization campaigns, including targeting based on the voter file.
  • Develop fundraising and mobilization best practices and make recommendations to senior leadership and DNC staff.
  • Help keep our data systems running smoothly.

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