Flippable is building a national movement to flip states from red to blue. We empower voters, volunteers, and donors with information that both educates and motivates them to support Democrats at the state level. Our primary activities are:

Raising awareness: We produce original digital content that highlights the critical role of state governments in a balanced democracy. Our content has been viewed over 100M times.

Running the numbers: We are building a model to identify which Democratic candidates donors should invest in – where their dollars and time will have the greatest ROI. Our analysis shows where we are most likely to flip seats and, ultimately, the state chambers that have the greatest impact on redistricting and voting rights.

Supporting candidates: We show our community the highest-impact ways to get involved through clear, tangible calls to action. Since November 2016, we have raised nearly $1,000,000 and deployed thousands of volunteers to support Democrats running in the most critical — and flippable — races.

As Flippable’s Data Fellow, you will draw insights from both user data and electoral data to inform key strategic and operational decisions in the organization. You will work with a number of data providers and systems, and alongside our Directors of Engineering, Product, and Marketing, to collect, store, analyze, and present data in a well-structured and scalable way.

Note: This is a full-time, eight-month job ranging from May 1 to December 31.

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