The Data & Analytics Department makes decisions about which voters and members of the general public are likely to be engaged on environmental issues, and maintains voter file information that permits the organization to educate the public and motivate supporters to become active civic participants in an efficient manner. The Data & Analytics Manager will work with the Campaigns Department, Policy & Lobbying Department, Membership Department, Development Department, the Community and Civic Engagement Department and the state LCVs to develop and oversee data and targeting related activities on issues and elections. We are seeking a strategic thinker who can help LCV and LCVEF utilize data and analytics to engage environmentally-minded citizens across the country and build support for environmental priorities.

Responsibilities: The Data & Analytics Manager is instrumental to this process. On a daily basis, s/he will:

  • Serve as the main point of contact for state league partner organizations with questions about voter files and targeting
  • Assist state league partners in establishing program and targeting goals, including identifying and coordinating opportunities for program data analysis
  • Manage state league data requests, and aggressively collect and organize data from state league partners
  • Generate, manage and track voter, membership and volunteer lists for LCV and LCVEF programs, including mailings and online outreach, in a fast-paced campaign setting
  • Work with Membership Department and Development Department to synchronize data across departments
  • Manage relationships with voter file, data, analytics and technology vendors, and serve as a liaison to other organizations that LCV and LCVEF work closely with on data-related issues
  • Clean data and prepare lists for the database(s)
  • Maintain records describing the quality and quantity of data LCV and LCVEF have available
  • Analyze demographic and socioeconomic trends in membership, volunteer, donor and voter data and recommend measures to expand stakeholder diversity
  • Analyze racial, gender and economic justice impact of government policies and programs on LCVs stakeholders and population at-large
  • Shares LCVs commitment to increasing racial diversity in our movement and organization, integrating justice and equity into the work we do and ensuring an inclusive organizational
  • Other duties as assigned.

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