In this year’s election, MoveOn will mobilize to take back our government and create a nation where all can thrive—one marked by justice, sustainability, economic security, peace, and mutual care. We’ll do it by activating a grassroots wave and by running an innovative digital persuasion effort on a nationwide scale. Since the 2016 election, MoveOn has developed and piloted a powerful new breakthrough in digital persuasion that we’re planning to take to scale across dozens of U.S. House races, as well as Senate and other statewide races in the fall general election. Our approach combines authentic messages and grassroots messengers to reach voters directly. We combine these personal videos with detailed, rigorous analytics to find and target voters that can be persuaded to vote in favor of our endorsed candidates. Through our work in 2016 and 2017, we’ve seen the potential to move thousands of individual voters, enough to have a real impact on an election. Now we’re aiming to scale this work across the country. The Real Voter Voices Project Data Analyst will play a key role in building out, testing, and implementing the analytics that drive our video testing program.

Is this job for you?

  • Are you a highly skilled, entrepreneurial data analyst who encounters everyday problems and sees them as fun or interesting data challenges?
  • Are you a thoughtful and effective communicator who can both talk to a technical audience and partner with a nontechnical audience?
  • Are you a practical problem-solver who understands how to incorporate data in decision-making to help drive clear, strategic decisions?
  • Do you believe in the potential of analytics to empower and help win campaigns for social justice?

Job responsibilities include

  • developing clean and precise R code to systematize analytic workflows;
  • designing and executing digital experiments;
  • working with election and voter data to guide our program;
  • performing statistical analyses to help guide decision-making across the project;
  • contributing, as part of a team, to the development of innovative tools for and approaches to the use of data in political campaigning; and
  • collaborating with campaigners and organizers to apply analytics across our overall effort.

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