The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for equal rights, seeks a highly experienced Civic Engagement Data Hub Director committed to building power for communities of color through technology. We understand the importance that relational organizing and community mobilization plays in in building independent political power. He/she should be able to navigate competing priorities from multiple partners, be committed to running a program based in an analytical and data grounded mindset, and have a background in data, analytics, digital, web development or other technical field. He/She should also be comfortable explaining complex ideas to non-technical people and be a skilled presenter.

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: The Data, Analytics & Infrastructure Resource Hub’s goal is to generate lasting power for communities of color, by building programmatic tools, web development, data systems, and analytics capacity. We serve a broad range of partners across the movement. Thereby investing in our central infrastructure, training, and direct service work, we aim to empower partners to run stronger and more cost effective operations. He/she will work under the direct supervision of the Vice President, Civic Engagement. The duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Work closely with the W.K. Kellogg Anchor partner leadership, staff, and affiliates to ensure data, analytics and infrastructure are part of a comprehensive strategy to build power for communities of color
  • Meet with W.K. Kellogg Anchor partner leadership, staff, and affiliates, to understand where they have shared needs, and use those assessments to help guide the priorities of the hub
  • Support the W.K. Kellogg Anchor partner leadership in the creation and implementation of the hub’s budget
  • Help the hub define and execute the scope and sequence of work, including the work to support targeted mobilization programs and to develop engagement technologies
  • Organize the development of a Hub work plan and ensure the work plan vision and goals are implemented
  • Build sustained relationships with W.K. Kellogg Anchor partner leadership, staff, and affiliates, data/analytics partners and vendors
  • Represent the W.K. Kellogg Anchor partner leadership, staff, and affiliates at conferences and meetings as designated
  • Be able to process and understand civic engagement data from vendors, firms and other valid sources and apply them to civic engagement needs of communities of color
  • Manage the VAN System as the lead administrator at a baseline
  • Comprehend the larger tasks of data warehousing and what it means to take in data from various sources and ingest them into one system that we own/build/develop to shape our civic engagement products
  • Produce civic engagement data products that are value add to the field. The list will include geo-targeting, GIS mapping and other reports that are produced for civic engagement operatives
  • Be prepared to connect the data work of the civic engagement data hub with larger data integration projects that we as NAACP need for larger storage of information and other tasks/jobs and to absorb outside information beyond the NAACP into a singular system beyond the VAN (This work could also be a need for W.K. Kellogg Anchor partners)
  • Be comfortable advising on and producing the solutions to ensure that data flow is optimize and how to simplify streams of inputs and outputs through ideal processes
  • Understand the needs and explore the potential data solutions for civic engagement analytics, content management, integration, and data governance including who has access, security, compliance and the legal rules governing
  • Other duties as assigned

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