Change Research is building technology that makes public opinion polling fast, affordable, and accurate for forward-thinking candidates. We are looking for a product and project manager lead who will guide our polling product experience.

In this role, you will help Change Research craft a great product and smooth customer experience for:

  • candidates and organizations interested in working with Change Research
  • existing customers who want to dig into the results and use polling insights to win
  • voters who take one of our online polls

Approximately 30 percent of your work will be focused on creating a product vision and 70 percent will be project managing the daily work needed to operate smoothly and deliver a successful experience. You will:

  • Be outward-facing and speak to many candidates, campaign managers, and leaders of advocacy organizations about polling and Change Research.
  • Work with our internal team – engineers, survey analysts, marketers – to manage the day-to-day urgent polling needs and to ensure our clients have a positive experience.
  • Work with our CTO to envision how everything fits together into a great product experience.
  • Question how things are done today and find a better way.
  • Write, dig into APIs, run SQL queries to understand our data, and you’ll no doubt sketch up a design or two.
  • Comfortable bridging the gap between client requests and our current software capabilities. Your job will be to work closely with product-oriented engineers, data-oriented analysts, and clients wedded to their way of doing things.

Through it all, you’ll listen, think, communicate and execute in a way that considers the company’s and customer’s process holistically. You are obsessed with quality, problem solving and creativity. You are a team player. We are looking for candidates with project management experience, product management experience, technical sophistication, ability to communicate well, and a strong interest in politics.

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