The National Democratic Training Committee (NDTC) is looking for a Technology and Product Manager (TPM) to lead our tech team into the 2020 cycle and beyond. The TPM will create, build and oversee the NDTC’s technological innovation and product roadmap to better serve Democratic campaigns up and down the ballot.

The NDTC offers free, interactive online and live training for Democratic candidates running for office. We aim to empower any Democrat who wants to be involved in local politics with the tools needed to be successful.

We believe by working with local candidates, we accomplish three goals: improve the performance of every Democrat up and down the ticket, elect more Democrats to office, and create a deeper bench of qualified candidates for higher office.

Job Description

The TPM is responsible for creating, implementing and overseeing a long-term strategy and vision for the NDTC’s technological and product development needs.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Oversight and management of existing tools, infrastructure, learning management system, and databases.
  • Manage and coordinate our relevant consultant team to ensure streamlined communication, and clear project management support
  • Creation of long-term roadmap for technological and product needs, including our learning management system (LMS), data collection and manipulation, and learner communications, as well as areas for expansion and new product creation.
  • Identify and manage areas for experimentation and testing to grow user base, increase learner engagement and develop more effective on-demand courses.
  • Maintain data integrity and consistency over several databases and learner platforms
  • Define and track key metrics.
  • Communicate and work well with team members across departments to ensure organizational success.

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