Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care provider and advocate. The Community Outreach Group is a part of Planned Parenthood, but a separate organization that supports Planned Parenthood with short-term staffing and large-scale advocacy campaigns.

General Description

Community Outreach Group is seeking an inquisitive and entrepreneurial Data Director to oversee reporting, analysis, and optimization of Community Outreach Group’s paid canvass and volunteer programs in the 2018 election cycle. COG runs a highly technical and data-driven operation, and the incoming Data Director will have access to enterprise tools (Civis Platform, Tableau) and both program and operational data to support our programs In this role, you will advise and support COG senior staff by using data and analysis to ensure our programs are as effective and efficient as possible. You will support staff in the field through actionable reporting, analysis, training and tool development, as well as serving as a desk for data leads in the field.


This is a senior-level role, reporting to the Executive Director. In this position, you will have the opportunity to fulfill the following functions:

  • Reporting: Build and maintain national-level reports on program, operations, and compliance to protocol, and create and maintain templates for Regional Data Managers to build state or local reports. Own and maintain soft reporting system.
  • Analysis: Review and analyze both soft and hard data to offer feedback and guidance to optimize our work and suggest modifications to our clients if they are needed.
  • Training: Ensure employees have the data skills needed to use VAN and read their reports by participating in large orientations and coordinating with Regional Data Managers to offer ongoing training and support. Directly train Regional Data Managers on higher-level technical skills.
  • VAN Administration: Serve as Community Outreach Group’s national administrator by setting up accounts for senior-level users, creating Teams and Divisions, loading scripts and permissioning universe folders, and serving as subject matter expert for VAN and reporting for technical support tickets.
  • Partnership: You will work closely with Planned Parenthood’s national data team to understand the shared national VAN structure and data standards, and implement and enforce these standards within COG. You will function as an auxiliary member of the Planned Parenthood data team, relying on them for support, guidance, and advice, and at the same time assisting with their work by ensuring COG’s data processes are flawless.
  • Data Infrastructure: The ideal candidate for this role will bring the technical skill to help architect additional integrations from COG’s various tools into Civis Platform via APIs, use of S/FTP, or web scripting, and other automated solutions.

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