The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) is a research project which records, publishes and analyses disaggregated data on violent political conflict. These data are publicly available, along with analysis and information about the project, at These data are used for a range of purposes, from academic research on dynamics of conflict to informing diplomatic policy, and humanitarian and development work in conflict-affected contexts.

The role ACLED is recruiting a full time Data Scientist to support the management and improvement of ACLED. The Data Scientist will be managed by the Program and Research Directors. The Data Scientist will be responsible for the following tasks:

Data Management

  • Upload ACLED data weekly (and sometimes daily) to the ACLED API and website
  • Revising and updating ACLED’s data management and processing procedures
  • Weekly review of data to spot anomalies in sourcing/coverage and advise and implement solutions together with the Research Director
  • Overseeing the dashboard and API management (in collaboration with the API consultant)
  • Other requested data management tasks
  • Maintaining server of ACLED and associated data for team analysis purposes

Data Science

  • Regularly advising on new technologies and approaches to improve and streamline sourcing and data and overseeing their implementation
  • Designing and maintaining a library of sources, locations, etc.
  • Serve as a knowledge center for all issues and challenges related to data processing and management for the organization
  • Participating in machine learning technology pilots and rollouts

Data Analysis

  • Investigating and piloting meta-data improvement projects
  • Investigating and piloting meta-processing improvement project
  • Investigating and assisting in public data use projects

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