We’re working on some really interesting problems with data, social science, and politics. And by solving them, we hope to make our democracy better.

We are hiring an account and project manager lead who will guide our customer experience as we scale our approach and build our team and product.

In this role, you will help Change Research craft a great product and smooth customer experience for:

  • Candidates and organizations interested in working with Change Research
  • Existing customers who want to dig into the results and use polling insights to win
  • Repeat clients

Approximately 70 percent will be coalescing our team around the daily work needed to operate smoothly and deliver a successful experience, and 30 percent of your work will be guiding the customer experience and ensuring they are satisfied. You will:

  • Be outward-facing and speaking to political candidates, campaign managers, and leaders of advocacy organizations.
  • Pitch in with proposals, RFP responses and in client meetings.
  • Work collaboratively with our clients to help them understand what we deliver and how this can help them, and ways our data can meet their needs.
  • Work collaboratively with our internal team – engineers, survey analysts, marketers – to manage the day-to-day needs of our clients and to ensure our clients have a positive experience.
  • Be comfortable bridging the gap between client requests and our current software capabilities. Your job will be to work closely with product-oriented engineers, data-oriented analysts, and clients wedded to their way of doing things.
  • Question how things are done today and find a better way.

Through it all, you’ll listen, think, communicate and execute in a way that considers the company’s and customer’s process holistically. You are obsessed with quality, problem solving and creativity. You are a team player.

We are looking for candidates with sales experience, project management experience, technical sophistication, ability to communicate well, comfort working with external clients and internal stakeholders, and a strong interest in politics. Experience in politics or with political technology is a major plus.

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