UltraViolet is a national organization that drives feminist cultural and political change. Through people power and strategic advocacy, we work to improve the lives of women of all identities and backgrounds by dismantling discrimination and creating a cost for sexism. We work on a range of interconnected issues, including violence against women, economic security, reproductive rights, racial justice, and immigration, that impact the lives of women.

The Technology Director will be working with UltraViolet’s campaigns team to fulfill each day’s urgent campaign tech needs, such as troubleshooting mass email and website problems and experimenting with new designs or features on the fly. You’ll constantly be suggesting, building and implementing new tools and testing new ways to use technology to engage UltraViolet’s membership.

This is a fast-paced job for a growing programmer who feels confident and comfortable dabbling in all sorts of tech-related issues – you’ll be the first line of defense for technical questions from UltraViolet’s campaign staff and a crucial part of our campaigns team. Intrigued? Keep reading.

These are the required skills for this position:

  • Two to five years of experience in web development, with a front-end, UI focus.
  • Fluency in HTML, CSS, SQL, and JavaScript.
  • Experience diagnosing and troubleshooting problems in a rapid response environment.

We’re hoping you bring 1-2 (or more) of these bonus skills:

  • Experience with any of the following: Amazon Web Services including Elastic Beanstalk, S3, and Cloudfront, WordPress, GitHub, and/ or Cloudflare.
  • Experience with working with APIs (RESTFUL or XML RPC).
  • Understanding of ActionKit and Django.
  • Q/A testing experience.
  • Experience with digital security practices and implementation.
  • Political or advocacy experience.

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