Empower Engine is a small, all-remote political technology firm. We make campaign data more approachable and easy to use by visualizing it for organizers, volunteers, etc. Campaigns organize geographically, and a picture is worth a thousand words, so that picture should be a map. We are proudly partisan and consider ourselves to be the mapping toolset for the Democrats and their allies on the political left.

We’re looking for a technical team member with campaign experience to join us after the 2018 elections. The team member will help design and then build new features of the web application. They will also work on client-setup including data loading.

The new team member can start by December 1st. Or if they want a longer post-election vacation, they can come with us to RootsCamp from December 1-2 and start full time in the second half of January.

Skills and Experience We’re Looking For

  • Campaign data
  • SQL
  • GIS
  • Python (especially Django)
  • AngularJS
  • Unit testing and functional testing
  • Web application development
  • CSS
  • Docker
  • UNIX command line
  • AWS experience
  • Interest in building and learning new technology
  • Excitement about being part of a small team

We encourage anyone with at least half of these skills to apply.

Pay Range: $75-100k based on experience and cost of living

Empower Engine is a lesbian-owned business and is committed to diversity in its hiring. Women, people of color, LGBTQ people, and other members of minority groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Please email a cover letter and resume to jobs@empowerengine.com. If you’re on a campaign, just send 3 sentences about your current role, and we can schedule an interview Friday or Monday after election day. You can send the cover letter and resume the day before the interview.