The Democratic National Committee (DNC) Tech team is a small, diverse team that provides the technology used by candidates and organizers in all 50 states and all 3,413 counties across the United States to analyze data, organize campaigns, raise money, and get out the vote on election day.

But there’s more to do. So we’re hiring product managers, engineers, researchers, designers, security experts, IT professionals, and data scientists who can use user-centered design and rapid iteration to develop a rich technology ecosystem for progressives—building tools ourselves as well as partnering with other companies and organizations.

Data Community Analyst In this role you will …

  • Be a partner to our community, ensuring we are delivering impactful solutions to the field by facilitating access to our suite of tools and products; answering inquiries about our tools, products and datasets; troubleshooting challenges that arise; handling the timely and strategic acquisition of key datasets, i.e. statewide voter files, early voting centers, and polling places.
  • Collaborate with other DNC departments to develop and share training curriculum
  • Build collaborative relationships with data staff across the country
  • Monitor our progress to ensure we are responding to queries and troubleshooting at the highest level, including reporting on responsiveness, efficacy, and process improvements.
  • Implement systems for access to and data sharing within Votebuilder for all sorts of user types, like state parties and candidates
  • Offer support to administrative and voter file-related questions
  • Represent political data and technology on the front lines. This team is responsible for facilitating a profound feedback loop between us and our community, in addition to ensuring our tools and products are well documented and utilized.

Data Community Manager Responsibilities/Duties:

  • Manage the day-to-day process, training, reporting, and development of the Data Community Analyst team to provide strategic support to the larger community,
  • Lead on the front lines ensuring we are delivering impactful solutions to the field: setting and meeting high standards of customer support and relationship building; ensuring constituents get the most out of our suite of tools and products; crafting reporting to ensure we are building relationships and providing the highest level of constituent support and strategic guidance,
  • Develop and coordinate long-term plans and process improvements for providing services and support to campaigns for upcoming cycles,
  • Ensure our data, tools and products are documented to maximize usability and troubleshooting,
  • Coordinate communication with all stakeholders about tools, services, support, training to various community constituencies,
  • Collaborate on a comprehensive training program for all continents to ensure effective and efficient use of the party’s all data, tools, services, and technology,
  • Develop and execute long-term plans for each upcoming political cycle to communicate and ensure proper levels of service and support for all candidates and stakeholders,
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the larger Tech team and DNC team at-large on major initiatives, goals, process, communications, and training materials, etc,
  • Serve as a leader within the larger DNC Tech team to determine: when to develop new systems/processes/tools (including proper scope and end-user needs) and how and when to revise or adjust current systems/processes/tools.