The National Center for Transgender Equality seeks a research project director to oversee the new U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS). The USTS will be the next iteration of and follow-up to the 2015 USTS. The position is expected to last through the completion of the primary survey report (2020) and may extend into 2021. The candidate will act as a project manager and will lead the development, fielding, analysis, report writing and presentation of the USTS. The Survey Project Director will hire and supervise a full-time outreach manager as well as interns, and will recruit and manage several scientific and community experts, and a range of consultants, as well as the research team. Located in Washington, DC, this is an incredible opportunity to significantly contribute to the knowledge base about transgender people, including those who identify as non-binary. The survey research team has already begun working and has already planned improvements over the last iteration. The survey is online and will be again offered in English and Spanish.

About NCTE: NCTE is a strong voice for transgender people in our nation’s capital. NCTE’s primary role is to support and advocate for policy change at the local, state and federal levels as well as to use the media to educate society about transgender people. We are known to approach our work with devotion, but also enthusiasm, optimism and good humor. NCTE has a serious commitment to approaching and engaging in its work with an awareness of how racial and economic justice is intertwined and connected to transgender justice, and a commitment to ensuring that policymakers and society understand the connection as well.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the project and project timeline: Develop and oversee all tasks relating to the survey project, identifying and overcoming obstacles to keep the project on time. An initial timeline has already been developed.
  • Assist with developing the survey questionnaire: Work with the research team to update the previous questionnaire, seeking feedback from colleague organizations, community members, experts, and researchers on how to improve the questionnaire, and help guide the survey through pilot testing.
  • Manage the outreach and field period: Lead the outreach portion of the project, including by hiring and supervising an outreach manager, to ensure that transgender people throughout the U.S. take the survey. This includes reaching out to trans, LGBT, and allied organizations and influencers, especially those who reach people of color communities.
  • Recruit and manage advisory committees: a Scientific Advisory Committee and an Community Advisory Committee.
  • Analyze data: Working with the research team and consultants, analyze the data for the final report as well as other reports that will be issued, including those related to people of color, many state-specific reports, among others.
  • Write report(s): Lead the drafting of the final report, as well as other reports with colleague organizations, in collaboration with the rest of the research team. Work with the graphic designer to graphically represent the findings for each report.
  • Present the findings: Develop a presentation of the findings and present the findings throughout the U.S., in collaboration with the research team.
  • Share the dataset: Collect and process requests for the dataset from qualified researchers and colleague organizations.
  • Media spokesperson: Potentially serve as an NCTE spokesperson for the project including media interviews, sharing findings, etc.

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