The Data Strategist ensures that we are capturing data and learning from our extensive public education efforts in ten states. Your work will test our assumptions, make us smarter, and ultimately reveal whether what we are doing is working - and what is not. You’ll have access to a wide range of tools and data through our TargetSmart and Catalist subscriptions. We’re looking for someone who has worked on advocacy campaigns, can manage and move data across multiple entities, and find the lessons in the numbers. The position requires a keen analytical mind, attention to detail, and topnotch organizational skills. Must be able to communicate with practitioners in the field and explain issues and solutions to a nontechnical audience. This position is exempt for overtime purposes, and reports to the VP of Impact and Operations.

About State Impact Project We are about building enduring power through advocacy, organizing, and communications that advance progressive economic and democracy policies. Current progressive work in the states is largely focused on short-term issue-specific campaigns. While this strategy has proven effective in securing specific policies, a more comprehensive approach is required to fundamentally change these states. Our work is focused in AZ, CO, FL, ME, MD, MI, NV, NC, PA, and VA. You’ll have the freedom to look across issues, across organizations, and across legislative sessions to build the power needed to create and sustain a progressive policy environment in the states. Given the centrality of economic concerns across the country, these issues are at the heart of our strategy. The democratic process has been hobbled in many states – and we seek to both unchain it and lock in structural reforms that will build enduring progressive power.

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