The Movement Building Analyst will help us discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data to better inform decision making and effective movement building. The MB Analyst is responsible for advancing the Program Department’s movement building goals across all relevant Campaigns and capacities (Organizing, On-line, Political, and Federal). The MB Analyst uses cutting-edge experimental research and analysis to monitor and measure persuasion, voter mobilization, movement/power-building and advocacy efforts. The MB Analyst collaborates with Director of Research and Analysis and Capacity Directors to measure the progress against set targets, researches and develops tools/systems to support implementation and effectiveness, as well as conducts additional research in support of Program outcomes. Works in close cooperation with Program staff and volunteers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Uses data (consumer, voter, census, etc.) to develop models and lists for targeting, persuasion, propensity to take action or support on a variety of issues related to movement/power building within our broader framework of Clean Energy for All
  • Provides on-going analysis of performance data and translates into user friendly reports and formats for managers, staff and volunteers.
  • Collaborates with Analyst Team to provide research, analysis and other support for Clean Energy for All Campaigns and field.
  • Continuously monitors performance (inputs and outputs) and provides recommendations on strategic opportunities/threats with focus on improving performance.
  • Supports Senior Director Research and Evaluation with development and maintenance of performance tools and Monitoring and Evaluation system, including content specific and technical requirements.
  • Provides training to Organizing and other Capacity staff on best practices of movement/power building and effective use of data
  • Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned

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