The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is hiring a Data Director for the 2020 campaign cycle. The Data Director will be responsible for managing multiple data sources, the Committee’s data architecture and pipelines, and the integration of various data sources across Committee departments, campaigns, and state parties. The Data Director is also responsible for working with other departments within the DCCC to develop analytical reports to further the committee’s work and assist with training and development on technical skills like SQL and GIS, among others.

Of primary importance to this role are the abilities to synthesize data into usable formats, and a commitment to ensuring the highest level of clean, accurate and timely data for use in Committee and campaign decision making.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Collecting, updating, organizing and auditing multiple data inputs for DCCC usage across both internal and external sources.
  • Overseeing and validating data pipelines and infrastructure for internal use.
  • Overseeing automation and technical coding of DCCC products and tools.
  • Building reports that impact Targeting, Field and Political teams covering a wide range of topics.
  • Working with vendors to ensure timely and accurate delivery of data.
  • Work closely with other committees, national partners, coordinated campaigns, and state voter file managers to maximize DCCC’s data warehouse and ensure data integrity.
  • Training and developing best practices for Targeting staff regarding SQL code, GIS mapping and reports.
  • A range of other duties as needed.

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