The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is hiring a Director of Polling and Modeling for the 2020 campaign cycle. The Director of Polling and Modeling will be responsible for managing the DCCC’s robust in-house polling operation, including helping develop and train staff on best practices of survey design, sampling, fielding, and weighting, and will lead Regional staff in their analysis and interpretation of internal and external polling data. The Director of Polling and Modeling will also manage vendors and logistics for the DCCC’s modeling programs and play a large role in the integration of polling data across multiple DCCC platforms.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintain internal polling and modeling calendars and polling results report
  • Oversee Regional staff in all aspects of internal polling and modeling program execution
  • Train Regionals on polling process and guide them in their analysis of results
  • Manage external modeling and phone vendors and polling and modeling budgets
  • Ensure the highest level of accuracy through rigorous quality control measures
  • Collaborate with external vendors on automation of polling data processing and storage of polling results
  • Other duties as needed

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