The political Applied Data Science (ADS) Team works closely with candidates, independent political organizations, and advocacy groups to provide strategic insights about elections up and down the ballot. ADS is our client-facing advisory arm. Members of the ADS team work collaboratively with social scientists and survey methodologists, software engineers, and solution delivery specialists to create and deliver scalable solutions to clients’ needs.

As a Applied Data Scientist in our Chicago or DC office, you will structure hard problems, analyze large data sets, build predictive models, collaborate in cross-functional teams, create client materials, and ensure on-time progress and delivery of our projects. This role reports to an Applied Data Science Lead.

Tasks you might encounter in a typical week include:

Drafting a set of visualizations that explain the state of a competitive primary Analyzing the results of a web-based survey and assembling a first draft of a memo outlining key findings Setting up an automated pipeline that identifies anomalies in a changing dataset Using predictive models to describe voters in an upcoming election Working with a client to interpret and explain the results of an analysis While this is a politically-focused role, individuals have succeeded in this role with a range of backgrounds outside of direct campaign experience, including consulting experience in a non-political role. Members of our team have educational backgrounds in physics, political science, philosophy, and more.

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