Why should you become Analyst Institute’s Office & Events Coordinator?

In this role, you will:

  • Gain valuable experience. As an entry-level position, this is an opportunity to gain insight into progressive politics and the inner workings of a business, as well as exposure to folks across the progressive ecosystem.
  • Work with awesome people. Analyst Institute is a unique and powerful (albeit quiet) part of the progressive space. You’ll be a critical member of our 20-person, tight-knit team.
  • Have good work/life balance. The work is pretty steady in this position – it may ebb and flow slightly, but you’ll have good balance. We also offer a great benefits package.

What’s the day-to-day of the role?

  • The mission of our Office & Events Coordinator is to make Analyst Institute run like a well-oiled machine. Responsibilities include:
  • Managing the office, including answering the phone, ordering supplies, receiving mail, and coordinating with building staff for office, tech, and event needs.
  • Administering the hiring of new staff and onboarding them to our systems, workflow, and culture; offboarding staff when they move on to new positions outside of Analyst Institute.
  • Assisting with administration of payroll and employee benefits.
  • Handling accounts payable and receivable, including sending invoices, paying bills, and coordinating with clients and vendors on other matters.
  • Planning the logistics for organizational gatherings, outings, and retreats.
  • Providing logistical support for external events, including venue and catering selection, ensuring technical needs are met, preparing materials, and coordinating day-of roles.
  • Other administrative and support tasks as assigned.

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