We’re looking for our first Technical Project Coordinator - someone who can help us keep our non-client-facing projects…coordinated… and generally make sure operations are copacetic in our engineering, data, and IT departments. Being a new position, there is room for our first hire to help define and scale the role, but the general types of projects would be large technical ones with (we hope!) minimal visible user impact. Things like migrations (major stack versions, between data centers, to the cloud, from the cloud, between the clouds) and compliance/security work. Your job here would be at least scheduling meetings, taking notes, and making Jira issues. It could grow to involve a bigger role in the decision-making process for prioritizing and executing these projects.

Why you should work here

  • We help progressive people and organizations win elections and make the world better
  • We are a leader in the space - there is no higher leverage place to make your mark on progressive tech
  • We ship code and our code gets used, a lot, usually right away
  • We try to avoid hiring jerks

Salary: 45k-65k based on experience

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