Lead Data Scientist You will help build and lead an in-house team of data scientists to help defeat Donald Trump in 2020. This team will be responsible for identifying, processing and analyzing the full scope of political, digital and advertising data. As the head of this team, you will be responsible for making recommendations on research methodologies to the Director of Analytics, implementing those approaches, and providing strategic guidance to senior leadership.The salary range is $95,000-$110,000. See more and apply here

Analytics Coordinator. You will help with the project management and logistics of the Analytics Department. We balance long-term, strategic research projects and quick, one-off tactical questions. You will be the point person for tracking and timelining all of these requests to make sure our team meets every deadline. Additionally, you will support some administrative tasks and work on qualitative analyses with the Director of Analytics. We project the salary range to be $48,000-$55,000, but will be tailored to experience. See more and apply here