Do you want to ensure that progressive organizations have access to the best possible data, technology and technical expertise? We know movement organizing and advocacy are more urgent than ever and organizations and activists cannot easily access the tools to scale their work. Organizations often face the issue of dealing with siloed datasets from their various programs and tools, making it difficult to truly measure and optimize their impact.

Launched in 2017, The Movement Cooperative was founded with the aim of addressing these structural challenges. Currently our membership stands at more than 30 groups, with more organizations slated to join in the coming months.

Is it time for you to join us? We are hiring a Data and Technology Strategist to join our team - we are open to this being a junior or more experienced role, depending on experience and expertise.

Membership gives organizations full access to our data warehouse and analytics platform and unlimited access to national voter/consumer files. Our role is to provide technical assistance and expertise they need to get started, and the ongoing support to achieve their goals and maximize their impact. We help with the establishment of syncs,data pipelines, analytics, and reporting from a continually-expanding suite of organizing and digital tools.

Data & Technology Strategist - Remote Data & Technology Strategist - Minnesota Data & Technology Strategist - Texas

Salary: Between 60k and 80k, depending on experience and/or expertise.