iFundWomen is the only startup funding ecosystem designed specifically for early-stage, female entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of community + technology to drive opportunities for women-owned businesses. So, we built a platform designed to provide easy access to capital, coaching, creative, and connections critical to helping women launch and grow our ideas.

Our team is passionate about all things entrepreneurship. We eat, sleep, and breathe startup funding. If you are into this mission, too, then get in touch! We would love to work with you.

We are looking for a Head of Engineering who is a can-code, can-lead person. As the Head of Engineering, you’ll be responsible for growing the team in a thoughtful and sustainable way. You will be the shoulder to lean on, the wise sage, and the taskmaster. You will roll up your sleeves and build stuff. You will plan for the future and hire the best talent.

Salary: Not listed

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