As the Director of Partnerships & Community Engagement, you’ll be in a senior role leading the team that builds strategic partnerships and convenes the progressive and civic engagement community around rigorous research to improve tactics and strategies. Success in this role requires clear vision, strong strategic leadership, and effective staff and project management. Success also requires advocating for equitable and inclusive approaches to our work that allow us to center historically underrepresented and marginalized populations. As the Director of Partnerships & Community Engagement you will lead in the following areas:

Strategic outreach and partnerships

  • Devise strategies to help us build and deepen our relationships and partnerships with progressive and civic engagement practitioners and funders.
  • Identify and help fill holes in our networks, particularly with an eye toward partnering with groups serving historically underrepresented and marginalized populations.
  • By leveraging and expanding your own relationships, you’ll have your thumb on the pulse of the community at all times and help the rest of the team remain in tune with and responsive to the needs of our partners.

Community convening and learning

  • Oversee the team’s work translating research into strategic recommendations and actionable resources (e.g., reports, trainings, and web materials).
  • Drive and oversee community programming, including Analyst Group events and trainings as well as practitioner working groups, with the aim of empowering our partners to bring an evidence-driven mindset to their work.
  • Build and facilitate learning communities around specific priority research areas (e.g., relational voter engagement) and convene stakeholders from across the civic, progressive, and research ecosystems.
  • Oversee our program advising and technical assistance work.

Staff management and development

  • Facilitate training, coaching, and professional development opportunities to enhance the technical sophistication and professional development of your team, equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to help our community become critical consumers of research and implementers of evidence-based decision making.
  • Liaise with our research team to ensure that members of your team collaborate effectively across the organization and information flows two ways.
  • Lead the expansion of the Partnerships & Community Engagement team heading into 2020.

Salary: $90,000 to $115,000

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