Mobilization Analytics Director

The Democratic National Committee is looking to hire a Mobilization Analytics Director to help run one of the largest and most active grassroots mobilization programs in politics. We communicate with constituencies using email, direct mail, online ads, social media, SMS, phone calls and more. You will be the strategic leader of the Mobilization team’s analytics efforts, and oversee a team of analysts responsible for cleaning up grassroots fundraising and organizing data to optimize and personalize supporters’ interactions with our party. You and your team will need to maintain, add new data to, and apply models to our direct mail, telemarketing, email, digital advertising and organizing programs. Your team will build and maintain the automated reporting infrastructure that the team uses every day to track performance across our various channels. You will head up efforts to maximize cross-channel efficiency, identifying the best ways to reach out to individuals or groups through our many methods of communication.

To succeed, you’ll need to relentlessly optimize the work the DNC is doing, create datasets that personalize supporters’ experience with the DNC, report out on our team’s work, and identify new opportunities to mobilize supporters.

What You’ll Do:

  • Manage and direct the work of a team of analysts to ensure that our approach to grassroots fundraising and digital organizing is data-driven.
  • Working with our email and direct marketing teams, engineer datasets and audiences to personalize and optimize how we’re reaching out to supporters across channels.
  • Lead collaboration with the DNC Tech team on cross-departmental analytics work.
  • Identify new cross-channel methods of reaching out to supporters to better encourage them to take action.
  • Develop techniques to move supporters into the best outreach channel(s) for them based on their behavior and history.
  • Build and automate reports for fundraising and mobilization programs.
  • Design and execute real-time experiments and optimizations to improve our content.
  • Work with DNC vendors to support and direct our offline and online fundraising and acquisition strategies.
  • Ensure accurate targeting of all mobilization campaigns, including targeting based on the voter file.
  • Develop fundraising and mobilization best practices and make recommendations to senior leadership and DNC staff.
  • Answer questions and provide analysis for senior staff and team stakeholders as those questions arise.
  • Help keep our data systems running smoothly.

Salary: Not listed

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