About the Role:

As a Data Scientist with expertise in Natural Language Processing, you’ll be involved in all aspects of our analytics, research, model development, and data pipeline. We’re a small but growing company and each team member contributes in a meaningful way. We interview millions of voters through our platform – a novel dataset with tremendous utility for political campaigns. Your role will be focused on turning unstructured public opinion into empirical conclusions.

In your first weeks:

  • Expected skills: best-in-class facility with Python (preferably) and/or R (acceptable) as well as SQL; team-based experience with Github; experience applying Natural Language Processing models in an industrial setting.
  • Example project: classifying topics within a sample of open-ended survey responses
  • What you’ll learn: the technology we’ve developed to help campaigns win

By the end of the year, as campaigns are just gearing up for 2020:

  • Expected skills: complete familiarity with our codebase and tech stack, so that you can commit production-ready code
  • Example project: create automatic features from open-ended text to be used in other models
  • What you’ll learn: how campaigns use (or don’t yet use) data; an intimate knowledge of our amassed polling data, including political attitudes across the country

Salary: Not listed

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