Deck is a data system and product that tells electoral candidates who is likely to vote, who those voters are likely to support, and what can be done to move the needle. Deck helps candidates understand their position in the race, and plan an effective and efficient campaign that reaches the right people at the right time.

At its core, Deck is based on an approach we call Contextual Inference. We use data on what voters in the past have done, and what context drove those decisions, to predict what the current voters in your district will do on Election Day. Our predictions use media, campaign finance records, voter traits, and candidate traits.

This approach allows us to generate accurate and granular predictions - down to the individual voter - without relying on surveys. And by not basing our predictions off of surveys, we can offer Deck at a price that is both affordable for “down ballot” campaigns – and dynamic and accurate enough for the most demanding national races.

We are looking for a senior full stack / product engineer to take our founding team to the next level.

Responsibilities include:

  • Writing lots and lots of code
  • Making key architecture decisions (and flagging questionable past decisions)
  • Brainstorming and prototyping new feature ideas
  • Helping to triage customer feedback and issues. Patience and great communications skills required!
  • Recruiting more great teammates
  • Our stack is currently based on Javascript + React, Python + Django, GraphQL, Postgres, BigQuery, Kubernetes, R. Familiarity with some of these is a big plus. A track record of learning new tech quickly is a must!

Deck’s data system relies heavily on machine learning. Any experience or interest in ML is great, and there will be plenty of opportunities to work with our data team, learn how the system works, and contribute to it.

Salary: See job description

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