The Senior Data Engineer will oversee the department’s data integration work, including developing a data model, maintaining a data warehouse and analytics environment, and writing scripts for data integration and analysis. This role will work closely and collaboratively with members of the Data & Analytics and Development teams to define requirements, mine and analyze data, integrate data from a variety of sources, and deploy high-quality data pipelines in support of the analytics needs of the AFL-CIO and its affiliates. They will also create and oversee an automated reporting system and manage other proprietary systems.

The Data, Analytics & Infrastructure Resource’s (DAIR) goal is to generate lasting power for the labor movement, by building the Federation’s programmatic tools, web development, data systems, and analytics capacity. This team serves a broad range of clients across the labor movement - from other AFL-CIO departments, to AFL-CIO affiliates, to state and local labor bodies. Through investment in central infrastructure, training, and direct service work, the department aims to empower its partners to run stronger and more cost effective political and legislative mobilization, digital, and organizing campaigns.

This position reports to the Deputy Director of Data, Analytics & Infrastructure Resource.


  • Maintain and build on our data warehouse and analytics environment, the home for almost all of the AFL-CIO’s political and organizing data.
  • Design, implement, test, deploy, and maintain stable, secure, and scalable data engineering solutions and pipelines in support of data and analytics projects, including integrating new sources of data into our central data warehouse, and moving data out to applications and affiliates.
  • Build reports and data visualizations, using data from the data warehouse and other sources.
  • Produce scalable, replicable code and engineering solutions that help automate repetitive data management tasks.
  • Perform one-off data manipulation/munging and analysis on a wide variety of political and organizing data.
  • Implement and monitor best in class security measures in our data warehouse and analytics environment, with an eye towards the evolving threat landscape.
  • Help other DAIR staff troubleshoot their SQL, Python, or R code.
  • Train other DAIR staff on these skills.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Salary: $96,323.05 annual

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