A new collaborative data organization is seeking talented, hardworking, and energetic people to join our team as Data Specialists. It is a brand new organization that works with state Democratic parties and other clients to offer them data support and analytics in order to help win races up and down the ballot — from school board to the Oval Office. The Data Specialists will be responsible for managing incoming data requests, completing data tasks for states and helping to manage data projects. We hope to grow Data Specialists into Data Directors, as they hone technical skills and contribute to the organization’s projects and goals.

Minimum Qualifications:

Three or more years of political experience: This can be a combination of campaign, state party, organizing and/or data experience.

A desire to expand your technical and political skills: You want to advance your analytical, visualization, mapping, coding and strategic skills, through taking on projects and with support from organizational professional development. You aren’t afraid of trying new technologies or approaches, you think about better ways to do things, and you endeavor to become a Data Director.

Strong customer service skills: Must have experience managing, prioritizing and responding to multiple data or technical questions and requests in a timely manner. Must feel comfortable working directly with clients, setting customer expectations, troubleshooting software and understanding when to elevate issues to the team. You will be the face of the organization in many interactions, so you must have a strong commitment to actively listening and adapting responses to different clients. Must have strong issue documentation skills in coordination with our support request ticketing system.

Great communication skills: Must have the ability to explain complex data reports in layperson’s terms, both verbally and in writing. Must know how to share insights in a clear, concise and actionable way. Must also be able to communicate effectively with clients to ensure alignment on timelines and deliverables.

Great collaboration skills: Must have the ability to proactively seek solutions in coordination with the data team, who oversee multiple complex projects. This includes the ability to re-prioritize tasks based on team needs, offer timely input, and share feedback on work progress. The organization will be remote, so you have the ability to adapt to the best practices and challenges of working with a team located across the country. You believe that we are strongest when we work together. You want to help create an environment where best practices are shared, team members are valued for their impact, and people are given the support they need to be successful.

A positive attitude and the ability to work well under pressure: Must be a “can do” person with experience working in busy/high-pressure situations. Campaigns are very busy during election season, and we will be supporting the state parties in their election work. You know how to manage a heavy workload and prioritize between competing needs while keeping things positive and moving things forward. You have the capacity and willingness to work long hours during peak season, rolling up your sleeves and getting the work done.

Proactive, creative, problem solving: Must have good instincts when it comes to anticipating and foreseeing challenges before they arise. When confronted with new problems, you must be willing to get creative and think outside the box. You tackle challenges head-on, and you’re eager to dive in with others to identify the best path forward while understanding and being able to articulate trade-offs. The bottom line is you will find a solution that works.

Salary: $61,000 - $75,000

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