At Democracy Works, we believe voting should fit the way we live. To that end, we build technology for both voters and election administrators that simplifies the process and ensures that no voter should ever have to miss an election.

What we do TurboVote helps voters register, stay registered, and cast a ballot in every election, from municipal to national. TurboVote served more than 6 million voters in 2018 by building the largest college, nonprofit, and corporate voter engagement coalition in the country, including more than 300 campuses, companies like Starbucks, Univision, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and dozens more.

We also manage the The Voting Information Project, which coordinates with state election offices to publish nationally-standardized information about where and how to vote—data that powers everything from Google’s polling place search to our own text message and email reminders to TurboVote users, and received over 120 million impressions in 2016. Ballot Scout helps election administrators track absentee ballots through the mail, providing transparency in the vote-by-mail process and making it easier to follow up when things go awry. And in 2018, we became the organizational home of the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED).

Where you fit in With so many distinct programs, measuring the impact of each one is a large effort. Each program requires a separate approach: while we’re able to match to the voter file to determine how many TurboVote users register and vote, for example, the Voting Information Project doesn’t retain any user data and relies on indirect assessments based on overall usage. At present, these varied metrics are tracked by our program teams and intermittently rounded-up for organization-wide usage. As the inaugural Director of Metrics & Evaluation, you’ll be creating the infrastructure we need to evaluate our work: coordinating across the organization to centralize the metrics we’re already tracking, planning and regularizing how often key metrics are updated, and identifying new measures of our impact that we should be checking regularly. You’ll also lead outside collaborations to bring in evaluation capacity as needed.

Salary: Salary Range: Salary range is $90,000-120,000 per year. (Offers will vary based on experience and location-based cost-of-living calculations. Brooklyn-specific salary range is $100K–$120K.)

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