As an Applied Behavioral Research Scientist, you will consider Avalanche’s product from a behavioral perspective, curating, creating, and applying the science that makes our work more impactful, more efficient, and more rigorous. Our data is largely in the form of unstructured text, so while you don’t need to be an NLP expert, an ability and love for working with qualitative data is critical. We have done a lot with questions of values, emotions, and identity, but draw very broadly from high-quality research.

The major pieces of our process include developing survey questions that elicit the information we need; reliably and thoroughly extracting the meaningful signal from that data; and finally, finding the patterns within that signal that allow us to make recommendations for resonant messaging. These are all things we do, now – you will help us do them better.

About You:

You have a proven track record of taking complex human systems, and finding the insights and structure that bring order out of the chaos. Your background likely draws from fields like social psychology, linguistics, decision making, computational science, and/or communications. You are comfortable exploring the literature and striking out on your own, and know which to do when. You prioritize understanding user and product needs and excel in an interdisciplinary environment working with experts in other fields. You thrive in a fast-paced, client-driven, and constantly changing work environment; and are genuinely excited about the social, cultural, and political dimensions of our work.

Salary: Not listed

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