Avalanche delivers the deep qualitative insight associated with a focus group, but at the scale of polling. Over the last year, Avalanche has provided transformative insight to dozens of the biggest organizations in progressive politics, to build the understanding necessary to resonate, mobilize and win. We’ve collected millions of data points from hundreds of thousands of Americans, and continue to draw from and create the cutting edge in public opinion research.

About the Role: As a Technical Analyst, you will work with our data scientists, strategists, and clients to produce, transform, visualize, and analyze novel research data, as well as help build the systems that make these things possible.

About You: You have a proven track record of taking complex and messy data inputs, and turning them into the products that drive decision making. You excel at quickly understanding user needs and incisively communicating solutions. You prefer a fast-paced and constantly changing work environment and are at your best managing and prioritizing among multiple streams of work. You are genuinely curious about the social, cultural, and political dimensions of our research and passionate about supporting our clients to more deeply understand their most important audiences.


  • Act as the bridge between the technical and strategic teams, introducing (and perhaps contributing) new tools to the analysts, and communicating their needs to the developers
  • Prepare and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data in a wide variety of formats, for both internal and external use
  • Assist closely in the strategic process by running models and analyses with these tools and data
  • The collection and storage of large-volume survey data, by interacting with vendors, databases, and survey systems, both internal and external
  • Ensure the quality and accuracy of the complex and ever-changing data that is the heart of our company
  • Build processes to systematize your work and collaborate with the technical and strategic teams to automate processes and maximize efficiency
  • Create client-quality data visualizations that concisely tell a clear story, and assist with systems that can produce these visualizations easily and intuitively

Salary: Not listed

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