• Design and implement field experiments and other measurement approaches to help Priorities understand which messages and tactics are effective. Implement survey experiments, conduct analysis, and present findings.
  • Evaluate field experiments, from cleaning data to conducting statistical analyses measuring treatment effects, levels of uncertainty, and heterogeneity in results.
  • Contribute to written reports and develop visuals for presentations of experiment results to share with Priorities USA and progressive organizations we partner with.
  • Review related political science research to put Priorities’ results in context.
  • Work closely with Analytics colleagues to develop data and technical infrastructure to ensure findings are used effectively to inform future strategic and tactical decisions.
  • Report to the Analytics Manager and collaborate with Analytics leads and Paid Media team.


  • 1+ years work experience in data science, statistics, or political science research.
  • Academic or professional training in statistical methods, especially regression analysis, and experimental design and analysis.
  • Experience working with large quantitative data sets and dealing with messy data. Ability to communicate clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Creative thinker and problem solver with a passion for Democratic causes and candidates.
  • Fluency in R and some experience with SQL, with a preference for fluency in tidyverse and ggplot packages.
  • Experience communicating with diverse groups, working with a multicultural workforce, and bringing a sensitivity and appreciation of cultural differences.

Salary: $65,000-$80,000

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